Race Committee Instructions and Information

Race Committee Information

Cave Run Sailing Association does not have a regular standing race committee to run all the races. While a few members have had special training in the running of a sailboat race they would also like to participate in the races. Therefore we are asking that each skipper or their designated representative serve on the race committee at least once during the Summer Series. The available dates are listed below and the Rear Commodore will contact each boat skipper to setup a date.  Please take your turn (you can’t win a trophy if you don’t!)

Never been on the committee boat?  We will pair you with someone who will teach you the flags so to speak.  On the day that you serve as a member of the Race Committee you will be scored has having finished second in each of that day’s races. That may give you three second place finishes on a day when your crew decided to go on vacation instead of sailing with you.

What do you do as part of a race committee?  CRSA has a pretty smooth setup. The timing of the signal is done by small orange box (it is preset for a start sequence), the marks are set, the line is set, the wind is checked, each boat is checked in as they pass the committee boat, and the flags are setup. At the start someone handles the flags, and someone spots the starting line for boats that may be over early.  The time of the start is recorded. While the boats are going around it is best that you keep an eye out for problems on the race course such as the mark is moved by a boat that got hung up on the anchor line, the mark drifted out of position, or boats that round the mark in the wrong direction.  Report any problems to the Principle Race Officer. As the boats finish it is very important that exact time of finishing be recorded on the score sheet the club provides.

What to bring on the committee boat? Sunscreen and comfortable clothing are most important. Margaret Mary is a 30 ft pontoon boat with an upper deck that offers some protection from the sun or rain but sunscreen and proper clothing are a must. Margaret Mary can handle a lot of people but more than 6 or 7 can easily get too crowded.

 Follow this link for a Powerpoint of the Race Management instructions