Beginning Sailing Class

Fall ’23 Registration Is Closed

The Beginning Sailing course is a good way to determine if you like sailing and wish to continue learning how to sail. Students with no sailing experience who wish to have an introduction to sailing, or those with limited experience can take this course as a refresher rather than starting with ASA 101, which is also offered by CRSA. The course consists of two evenings of casual class work in Lexington and one weekend day on the water at Cave Run Lake with instructor guidance.

Some topics covered include:

  • Types of sailboats
  • Boat parts and rigging
  • Trailering a sailboat
  • Knots you will use
  • Sails and what they do
  • Leaving & returning to the dock
  • Sailing terminology
  • Steering
  • Sailing safety

Before we get too far:

In order to take our Beginning Sailing course, you MUST be a member of the Cave Run Sailing Association. CRSA membership is a separate fee.

If you’ve never been a member of CRSA, please click here.

If you need to renew your membership (or revive an old one), please click here.

2023 Fall Class Dates:

  • September 12th – 1st Classroom Session
  • September 14th – 2nd Classroom Session
  • September 16th – On-the-Water Lab

2023 Class Locations:

  • The Classroom Sessions will be held in Lexington, KY at 650 Kennedy Road (OWL Inc.)
  • The On-the-Water Lab will be held at Cave Run Lake in Morehead, KY – Scott’s Creek Marina Dock

For any questions please contact our Beginning Sailing Director, Chris Bollinger, at