Open Class Racing Series

CRSA runs a vibrant club racing program!

We begin our club race summer series in late April with races in May, June, August and September.

Whether you are a new sailor just learning the ropes (at CRSA that’s not just a figure of speech!) or an old salt looking for some competition, CRSA club racing is right for you!

Still not convinced?

Then you should click HERE and read more about why racing is a valuable experience for even the newest and competition-adverse sailors out there.

2024 Club Race Dates

  • April 13 – Tune up
  • April 27 – Long Distance Race
  • May 11 – Club Buoy Race
  • May 18 – Benefit Regatta for Youth Sailing
  • May 25 – Club Buoy Race
  • June 1 – Club Buoy Race
  • June 22 – Club Buoy Race
  • August 3 – Club Buoy Race
  • August 17 – Club Buoy Race
  • September 7 – Club Buoy Race
  • September 14 – Long Distance Race
  • September 21, 22 – 45th Grand Annual Regatta

Race Committee Volunteering Encouraged!

In order to keep club races operating smoothly, it is beneficial for the club to have numerous individuals interested in, and willing to help run the races from the race committee boat. The process is very easy to learn, and has the added benefit of instilling beneficial racing knowledge.

We like to have our racers do this at least once or twice throughout the year so everyone has an opportunity to both race and let others race.

For more information or to volunteer on the race committee, contact our Rear Commodore, Mark Breeden, at