Let’s Go Sailing, For Women, By Women

CRSA “kicked off” this initiative in late 2021 with the intent of inspiring sailing confidence and camaraderie between women who are interested in sailing.

Let’s Go Sailing, For Women, By Women aims to be a “go to” environment for women interested in learning, sharing and enjoying the sport of sailing.  We openly share, discuss and demonstrate relevant and helpful information and experiences with each other.   While safety is always first, immediately following it is being welcoming and encouraging to each other!  We understand our best learning comes from doing! 

As a group, we discuss what we want to learn or experience in order to grow and enjoy sailing with each other or family and friends. We strive to go sailing as much as possible while incorporating a learning topic into our day.  Topics discussed are both relevant and scalable, so information shared can be used on a sunfish to a 50’ yacht.

The sessions are not sequential; you are welcome to come to as many or few as your schedule allows. Sessions are designed to work where you are at the time. Whether you are an experienced sailor or have never been on a sailboat, this is for you!

2023 Dates & Topics. NEW DATES

  • January – NO SESSIONS
  • Tuesday, February 21:  Safety including PFDs, 1st Aid Kits & reading the “Weather & Water”
  • Wednesday, March 8 – CPR & First Aid in Lexington – to register link here https://kysafeguard.enrollware.com/enroll?id=7284280
  • *Wednesday, March 29:  Sailing by the tails (weather permitting) Alt: Intermediate Sailing tips
  • **Wednesday, April 19: Sailing by the tails (weather permitting) Alt: Intermediate Sailing tips
  • ***Wednesday, May 31: Racing basics
  • ****Tuesday, June 6: LGS Sailing on Cave Run Lake
  • Wednesday, July 19: Small boat sailing @ Jacobson Park
  • Saturday, August 5:  Lunch somewhere fun/interesting between Teays Valley, WV & Lexington, KY
  • Thursday, August 24: Small boat sailing @ Cave Run Lake
  • Monday, September 18: MOB and Heave To
  • Tuesday, Oct 17: LGS Sailing on Cave Run Lake
  • Wednesday, Nov 15: LGS Sailing on Cave Run Lake
  • Thursday, Dec 14 – Lunch & 2023 Debrief (location TBD)


Elise Reed will identify a day & location for Trailering and Backing session.

* Moved from March 22 to Wednesday March 29

** Moved from Thursday April 20 to Wednesday, April 19

*** Moved from Monday, May 22 to Wednesday, May 31

**** Moved from Tuesday, June 13 to Tuesday, June 6

We encourage drive sharing whenever practical.

For planning purposes, if you are going to attend a session, please reach out to Molly Sutherland at commodore@caverunsailing.org.