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 2020 Club Cruise – Tahiti/Bora Bora

2020 CRSA sailing cruise to Tahiti Bora Bora. The dates will be the 10th thru the 17th of June 2020. The sailing will include the Islands of Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora and possibly Huahine Nui. So far, we have 3 SunSail 44-foot 4 cabin, four head Catamarans reserved. There are 22 persons signed up for these boats.

Updated January 2020

I am now working on reservations for a fourth boat. This boat will be from Moorings. The options from Moorings include a 40-foot 3 cabin 2 head Catamaran and a 48-foot 4 cabin 4 head Catamaran. There are two cabins reserved and the size of boat will be determined by interest. The cost per person is $1471 with two persons per cabin. This cost covers all boat related expenses including fuel, moorings and deposits. Refunds may be available after the trip if we use less fuel and return the boats undamaged. All food and island excursions will be additional.

Go to the Sun Sail web site and look at the information for Tahiti. World class snorkeling, sailing, sightseeing and natural beauty can be found in this tropical paradise. June is the most pleasant month to visit French Polynesia. Rainfall is the least amount for the whole year.  Water temperature should be in the low 80’s and air temperature 72 to 84.  Daily winds blow a steady 13 knots from ESE.

Our travel guide says you should fly to Los Angeles and transfer to your final Tahiti flight there. Flights can be from $1000 to $2000 depending on your arrangements. You fly into Papeete airport in Tahiti and then take a shuttle flight to the island of Raiatea. If you have an early morning flight to Papeete (5:00am) you should be able to get to Raiatea by 8:00am. We will be able to board the boats around noon on June 10. I would strongly suggest getting there a day early as baggage might be delayed. To make good use of the long flight, most participants are planning an extra week on the islands either before or after the sailing trip.

The availability of boats changes every day. If you are interested, you should act soon. ASA 104 is not a requirement in Tahiti, but we will need an experienced captain on each boat. Each person must be a member of CRSA and can reserve a spot on the trip by sending me a deposit check in the amount of $500.00 MADE OUT TO CRSA. First come first served. If we cannot secure a boat or there are not enough persons to fill the boat this amount will be refunded. Final payment for the cruise will be due March 1st, 2020.

You can contact me via email at or phone (859) 619-4490. Please call after 5:00pm on weekdays.

Thanks, Merritt Wade