Sunfish Socials

The Sunfish is one of the most, if not the most recognized sailboats around. It is perfect for beginners and old salts alike. Easy to transport, rig, and modify, the Sunfish is great for a casual meetup at the local lake, or can be tuned for more serious competitive racing in international waters. With over 300,000 Sunfish built since it’s inception in the early 1950s, chances of finding a Sunfish in one of your neighbors’ back yards is bet-worthy.

The CRSA has organized several dates this coming summer for Sunfish Socials – bring your Sunfish (or other dinghy) to Jacobson Park Lake and have some fun with like-minded people. There is no registration necessary, and there are no fees involved – just bring your boat and your person and get on the water with us! Or, if you don’t have a Sunfish of your own, come anyway – there is bound to be a couple folks willing to let you try it out!

*** Please note this is an event at a public park and all park rules will be followed. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. We are representing our club to the community and want to put our best foot forward. ***

Sunfish Social Details:

Jacobson Park Lake – 4001 Athens Boonesboro Rd, Lexington, KY 40509

We will meet by the Snack Stand near the dock and ramp where the paddle boats are.


Friday May 21st @ 7pm

Friday June 25th @ 7pm

Friday July 23rd @ 7pm

Friday August 27th @ 7pm