The Catalina

The Catalina is a Catalina 22 with a swing keel,  full set of sails, and an outboard motor for docking maneuvers. She has a 6 hp long shaft 4 stroke for getting out on to the lake and returning. Currently, she is docked in a slip at the marina.  She is equipped for day sailing use only and can accommodate up to six people .

Popular with all members, we recommend reserving her asap

Our suggested usage donation is $100 per day. 

The requirements for her use are as follows:

  1. You are a member of Cave Run Sailing Association, and
  2. You have completed sailing courses equivalent to ASA 101 (Basic Keel Boat Sailing), or
  3. You have a sailing resume’ which might include the following:
    1. you have sailed as captain on at least inland lakes
    2. you are a captain of a sailboat used primarily for racing
    3. you own or have owned a sailboat

To use Miss Kelly, please click on the tab below and follow the instructions

Sailboat Usage Agreement (Only for Club Members. You must be signed in to view)

Catalina 22 Operational Checklist (Please download and print)

For more information, email