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Miss Kelly Use Information

General Information

If you’ve taken sailing courses and want to spend some time practicing or are thinking about buying a boat, getting a little extra time on the tiller is always a good idea.  We have four sailboats available for member use: a Hunter 23 and 4 sunfish.  Join CRSA today and come out on Cave Run Lake with us.


Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly is a Hunter 23, with a full set of sails and an outboard motor for docking maneuvers.  The recommended donation is $100 per day.  The requirements for her use are as follows:

  1. You are a member of Cave Run Sailing Association, and
  2. You have completed sailing courses equivalent to ASA 101 (Basic Keel Boat Sailing), or
  3. You have a sailing resume’ which might include the following:
    1. you have sailed as captain on at least inland lakes
    2. you are a captain of a sailboat used primarily for racing
    3. you own or have owned a sailboat


To borrow Miss Kelly, please click on the tab below and follow the instructions