2020 Summer Series Documents

Notice of Race

Cave Run Sailing Association Summer Racing Series 2020
Organizing Authority – Cave Run Sailing Association
Cave Run Lake, Morehead, Kentucky

The Cave Run Sailing Association invites you to join us for our Summer Racing Series.

  1. Rules: This regatta will be governed by the rules as defined by the current edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US Sailing, except as any of these are altered by this NOR and the Sailing Instructions. The combined days scheduled below constitute a single series.
  2. Fleets: Fleets will be constituted based upon registration for the series. A minimum of four boats must register for the series prior to the first race to constitute a one design fleet. Other boats will be grouped into Portsmouth handicap fleets by the Rear Commodore.
  3.  Scoring: Scoring will be Low Point Scoring System Appendix A as amended here and in the sailing instructions. A minimum of four races shall constitute a series. Boats will be allowed to drop their lowest scores as described in the sailing instructions.
  4.  Prizes: Trophies will be awarded based on series scoring at the CRSA annual banquet. A first second and third place trophy will be awarded for all fleets. To eligible for a trophy, representatives of each boat must serve as members of a club race committee including the Charity and Grand Annual regattas, and the skipper must be a member of the Cave Run Sailing Club. Non-members are welcome to race. When representatives of the boat are serving as race committee, that boat shall be scored as having placed second in up to 4 races for that day.
  5.  Registration for the series may be by mail using the form distributed with membership renewal, or by mail to rear commodore. We encourage all members to support the racing program by adding a racing fee to your dues payment . Gasoline for the Race Committee boat is not free.
  6.  Sailing Instructions will be available on the CRSA club web page, CRSA Bulletin Board on north side of Marina restaurant. Skippers meetings will be held at 11AM in the Scott Creek Boat Launch parking lot for Saturday races. For Sunday and long distance race day check with the the club’s Facebook page for start time and IF we are going to have a skipper meeting before the start.    Special instruction will be posted on our Facebook page to meet any requirement of Covid 19 for the state or the park service
  7.  Courses to be Sailed: A modified Olympic triangle is designated A course. Windward – Leeward two laps is designated B course. Course may included offset marks at windward mark and or a gate at the leeward mark. The course for each start shall be designated on the race committee boat port side by the warning signal for each start. Course Diagrams are available with the sailing instructions. Instruction for Long distance Race will be posted on Facebook and may will be determined on race day by the conditions.
  8.  Schedule: Racing days are scheduled for April 25, June 6 or 7,  with June 26 or 27 possibly added, August 15,  September 6. The warning signal for the first start of the first race of each race day will be at 1PM local time. The skippers meeting will be held at 11AM in the Scott Creek Boat Launch parking lot.

For further information please contact rear commodore, Mark Breeden.

Cave Run Sailing Association Summer Racing Series 2020
Cave Run Lake
The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing and modified in these
sailing instructions.
Competitors may enter the series by completing a registration form.

Notices to competitors will be posted on the CRSA web page, ​on the CRSA Bulletin Board on
north side of marina restaurant ​and handed out at the skippers’ meetings prior to each race.
Signals made ashore will be displayed from the flagpole located at the Margaret-Mary while docked in
the Cave Run Marina. No postponements will be signaled ashore.
Racing days, as of the February 21,

April 27, June 6 or 7, June 26 or 27, August 15, September 5 or 6. SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT A LATER DATE

A skippers meeting will NOT be held in the Scott Creek Marina upper parking lot on
each race day Due to requirement of social distancing . The warning signal for the first race will be at 1300 on each race day. Subsequent races,
each day, will be held as soon as possible after the end of the previous race. No race will be started after
1630 ​on any race day. Up to 4 races maybe sailed per day but no race or class may be started after
1630​.        Long Distance Race will start at 1030 and there will be no skippers meet prior to the start.
The first start will use a solid red color class flag. There will be one combined start for all fleets for ten or
fewer boats. Greater than ten boats, the RC may divide the starts into a first start composed of the
handicap cruiser fleet. The second start will be composed of day sailors and one design fleets and a
solid white class flag or a one design class flag.
The racing area will be in the main pool of Cave Run Lake for short course days. Long Distance may include a mark in the upper pond if the weather permits.
The courses will be A course (Triangle with Windward Leeward, mid leg start) and B course (Two laps of
a Windward leeward with mid leg start). Windward Leeward courses may include offset marks and or
leeward mark gates. The course will be designated by a letter card displayed on the port side of the race
boat prior to the warning signal of the start. See attached diagrams for courses.

The starting and finishing lines will be between the orange flag flown on the port bow of the Race
Committee Boat and a mark placed by the race committee. In the event of a shortened course, the finish
line may be set between any mark of the course and the S-flag flown from the race committee boat or
any other boat designated by the race committee.


                                       The race committee MAY shorten a windward leeward at the committee boat after the first mark has been rounded by displaying S-flag and the Blue ON-Station flag.  Boats must  finish from the direction of the last mark any time the Blue ON-Station flag is displayed regardless of the number of laps.

The time limit for each race on a short course day will be forty-five (45) minutes for the first boat to finish. Boats finishing more than 30 minutes after the first boat that sails the course finishes will be scored DNF. This changes RRS.  The time limit on a long distance race is 2 hours before official sunset to allow a boat to be in before sunset.
Protests shall be delivered to the race committee within 30 min after the race committee boat docks. The
protest time limit and a list of protests received will be posted on the Mary Margaret and at the club social
following the race. The Rear Commodore, the Commodore or any flag officer of the club will appoint an
appropriate protest committee and designate a time and place for the protest hearing as soon as
a. The Low Point System of Appendix A of the racing rules will apply with modifications.
b. Rule A2 is replaced with a minimum of for races shall constitute a series. Each boat
shall be allowed to drop their 5 lowest scores if at least 21 races are completed. Each boat shall be
allowed to drop their lowest 1/4 of scores if less than 18 races are completed.
c. Rule A4 and A9 are replaced with a registered boat that comes to the starting area but does
not start will receive 1 point more than the number of registered boats which start the race. A
registered boat which starts the race but does not finish or is disqualified will receive 1 point more
than the number of registered boats which finish the race. A registered boat which does not come to
the starting area will receive 2 points more than the number of registered boats which come to the
starting area.
d. Skippers performing race committee duty shall receive a score equivalent to second place
for each race.
e. A minimum of three boats registered prior to the first race shall constitute a one design fleet. All other boats shall be grouped into
Portsmouth handicapped fleets determined by the Rear Commodore prior to the second race day.
f. Skipper that race US Sailing sanctioned events off lake on race days may request that they
be awarded points toward a fleet championship trophy for off lake events provided they race at least
twelve races on the lake and perform race committee duties.
Trophies will be awarded to first, second and third place for the series at the Annual Banquet. An
overall winner will be awarded across all fleets based upon a combined scoring.
14. Race Committee Duty
In order to be eligible for a trophy, representatives of the boat (including the designated skipper)
must serve on the race committee at least one day for a club racing event. More than one skipper or
their representative may serve on the race committee on any given day provided it is approved by
the Race Committee Chairman before that days races.
a. Each competitor is solely responsible for his or her personal safety. It shall be the sole
responsibility of each boat to decide whether or not to start or to continue to race. A boat which
retires from a race shall notify the Race Committee before leaving the racing area, or if that is not
possible, at the first reasonable opportunity.
b. Competitors participate in the Series entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to
Race. Cave Run Sailing Association will not accept any responsibility for material damage or
personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
c. Kentucky boating regulations requires PFDs for anyone under 12. RRS allows the race
committee to require PFD with the Y signal flag,
d. In the interest of safety or to avoid unreasonable delays, the race committee, at its discretion
may score a capsized boat “Did not Finish”.
e. Prior to the warning signal, each yacht shall sail past the Race Committee boat and hail her
sail number, which will be acknowledged by the race committee. Failing to do so may result in a
DNS score.
f. All boats shall have on board all Federal and Kentucky required safety equipment. see
g. Cave Run Lake, Scott Landing, Boat Gunnel and the Marina are public facilities
administered by the US Forest Service. Please be considerate of the lake and campground rules
and regulations as a courtesy to other campers and boaters. See