We host Saturday races throughout the year. All races are open to the public. Join us as a skipper or come and have fun being a crew member!



CRSA runs a vibrant club racing program

We begin our club race summer series in late April with races in May, June, August and September. We  host our annual regattas at the end of September, check out the REGATTA page.  Whether you are a new sailor just learning the ropes (at CRSA that’s not just a figure of speech!) or an old salt looking for some competition, CRSA is the place for you!

Last minute change to the Saturday races will be post on the clubs Facebook page.

Registration for Racing

Notice:  Club Race fees are waived for 2019.  Please sign up HERE, contact the Rear Commodore, or just show up at the Skipper’s Meeting.  Racing skippers are requested to run the Race Committee one of the club race days – please sign up for Race Committee HERE  If you have questions about CRSA Club Race, please contact the  Rear Commodore at