We offer short Beginning Sailing classes for those adults with no or little sailing experience, American Sailing Association Certifications for sharpening skills, and Youth Sailing Academy classes for ages 7 – 12 (Juniors) and 13 – 18 (Teens).

All of our classes require Cave Run Sailing Association membership, Join Us today!

Cave Run Sailing School – ASA Certifications

Cave Run Sailing School is an American Sailing Association Certified Sailing School dedicated to providing members of Cave Run Sailing Association with quality sailing instruction for Basic and Advanced Sailing Certification. We are the first all-volunteer, non-profit sailing school to be certified by the American Sailing Association.
Our eight Cave Run Sailing School Instructor Faculty has over 105 cumulative ASA Certifications, hundreds of hours of instruction, and thousands of hours of “tiller time”. Each student is paired up with an Instructor who then coordinates the Certification a personal instruction opportunity. Instructors are current members of Cave Run Sailing Association.
All Cave Run Sailing School students must be current CRSA members.  Textbooks and course materials are provided to the student for self-study prior to scheduled classes and on-the-water practicals. Students are expected to have completed all assigned academic study, be prepared for instruction, and arrive on time for scheduled Certifications.

Cave Run Sailing School provides ASA Student Certifications (100 series) and ASA Instructor Certifications (200 series) on an individual or small group instruction basis. Certifications are conducted on Cave Run Lake, Kentucky Lake, in local classroom facilities, or on Instruction cruises. On-the-water instruction is conducted aboard Instructors’ private vessels or chartered vessels. Certifications are offered based upon member interest and schedule coordination, as agreed to, between students and Instructors.

Descriptions of ASA Certifications can be found at the ASA website

The Cave Run Sailing Association curriculum include:

ASA 101         Basic Keelboat Sailing (Includes Log Book and first year ASA Membership)
ASA 103         Basic Coastal Cruising
ASA 104         Bareboat Cruising
ASA 105         Coastal Navigation
ASA 106         Advanced Coastal Cruising

Instructor Qualification Certification (IQC)

Experienced sailors have the option to “Challenge” ASA 101 and ASA 103 courses. An ASA “Challenge” involves taking the written exam and practical skills tests with no academic instruction.

Chartered Instruction Cruises for Advanced Certifications may be scheduled, depending upon CRSA member interests. Chartered vessels are dedicated for Certification purposes only. However, these cruises may be combined with CRSA organized pleasure cruises as a flotilla.

ASA Course Fees

For additional information and Certification registration, contact the Cave Run Sailing School Director at


Youth Sailing Academy

We have a vibrant youth sailing program which provides a series of fun classes for youth ages 7 – 12 and teens ages 13 – 18 who are interested in sailing.  We have a fleet of Optis to teach youth (Optis are known internationally for youth sailing) and a fleet of Sunfish for teens (popular with teens and adults) .  We also work with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other youth organizations to provide sailing opportunities.
For more information on youth sailing contact our Youth Sailing Academy Director at

Beginning Sailing – Adult

If you’ve never sailed before and you want to learn a little and get some on the water experience, our Beginning Sailing Classes are just perfect for you!  A video from our 2009 on the water lab for the beginning sailing course is below!

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Beginning Sailing Water Lab, 2009