ASA Course Information

In order to take our ASA courses, you must be a member of the Cave Run Sailing Association. Unless otherwise noted, CRSA membership is a separate fee.

The table below offers a list of the courses we offer and the cost for taking the course with us. More detailed information about each course can be found by visiting the links from the Course column.

Course DescriptionFee
ASA 1011Basic Keelboat Sailing$345
ASA 103Basic Coastal Cruising$345
ASA 104Bareboat Cruising$575
ASA 105Coastal Navigation$375
ASA 106Advanced Coastal Cruising$575
ASA 114Cruising Catamaran$575
ASA 101 (Challenge)1 2$200
ASA 103 (Challenge)1 2$200
  • 1 These offerings include logbook, textbook, and 1st year CRSA and ASA membership.
  • 2 Experienced sailors – An ASA “Challenge” involves taking the written exam and practical skills tests with no academic instruction.
  • * Tuition rates quoted do not include boat charter, instructor fee or additional expenses, if any.

Once you have signed up for a course and submitted any required information, you will be paired up with one of our instructors. Your instructor will coordinate with you on a date and time to get on the water for your personal instruction time. Textbooks and course materials are provided to the student for self-study prior to scheduled classes and on-the-water practicals. Students are expected to have completed all assigned academic study, be prepared for instruction, and arrive on time for scheduled certifications. Certifications are conducted on Cave Run Lake, Kentucky Lake, in local classroom facilities, or on instructional cruises in other waters. On-the-water instruction is conducted aboard Instructors’ private vessels, CRSA club-owned vessels, or chartered vessels.

For further information about the American Sailing Association visit their website.

For questions and certification registration, contact the Cave Run Sailing School Director, Jim Dinger, at